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Dynamic QR codes for real estate agents

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How the top sellers stay on top

There are tons of ways real estate agents can leverage Flowcodes to optimize engagement and enhance marketing.

  • QR codes for real estate agents

    CRM collection

    Know who's scanning with Flowcode's CRM. Collect and share contact info, build your database, and sell faster.

  • QR codes for real estate agents

    Drive traffic to listings

    Create an instant connection point from real estate marketing materials to active listing information.

  • QR codes for real estate agents

    Contactless check-in

    Create a contactless check-in experience at open houses and showings. The best part, your Flowcode can collect contact info with sign-in!

  • QR codes for real estate agents

    QR business cards

    Business cards get thrown away, but when you add a Flowcode to your cards, homeowners and buyers can easily access all your contact info.

  • QR codes for real estate agents

    Take homes that convert

    Have your code send scanners to a virtual tour and text you with questions. From gone and forgotten to engaged buyer.

  • QR codes for real estate agents

    Insights and reporting

    Track and monitor your marketing engagement so you know where to focus your efforts.

Flowcode is the #1 QR solution for real state

From national agencies to community realtors, thousands of agents use Flowcode to sell more homes.

QR codes for real estate agents

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Why Flowcode is the best QR platform for realtors

There's a reason the largest real estate companies choose Flowcode. Custom-designed codes that never expire, codes that can be updated to new links anytime, and more.

QR code analytics

Less time marketing, more time showing

Learn how buyers are interacting with your marketing so you know it works. Get real-time scan data by day, time, frequency, operating system and so much more!

"It's important that my clients know that at the end of the day, if I can't get to them, they can still get the information they need though my Flowcode."

Angela Swift, Real estate agent at Compass

Tips to becoming a modern realtor

Being a realtor is difficult. Marketing, finding leads, completing intricate paperwork, and handling customers demands a lot of time, dedication, and attention. This can be stressful and take up a lot of unnecessary time that can be used more productively. With that in mind, do you wish there was a way to simplify all of this so you can spend more time closing and less time prospecting? That’s where Flowcode’s dynamic QR comes in. Using QR codes for real estate can be used to streamline all of the aforementioned responsibilities, allowing realtors to communicate and move buyers down the sales funnel more effectively. 

Buyers want as much information as possible before they make a decision, especially when making life-changing purchases like real estate. QR for real estate is a simple, dynamic way to provide this information to prospects while gathering valuable information that is normally difficult to gather. Here are some ways QR is used for real estate

With Flowcode’s attractive, branded QR codes, realtors now have a way to capture the attention, and contact information, of prospective buyers. Currently, a website or a phone number is the most common way that real estate agents gather contact info. With a Flowcode, buyers only have to point and click at whatever your advertisement is, reducing resistance to providing the contact information you need to close the deal.  

There is only so much that can be put on an offline real estate advertisement before it becomes “too much.” Adding a QR code to physical ads is a seamless way to provide more information to potential buyers while still looking sleek. 

Imagine being able to turn your signs into a link to virtual tours, photos, features, costs, and way more. Imagine a way to instantly book showings and gather more contact information. Imagine a way to gather the data necessary to understand and retarget your prospects on other online marketing platforms, like Google or Meta. These are only a few of the features that Flowcode’s QR for real estate provides. The possibilities are endless. 

Ahh, the old guest book sign-in. Sure, people sign it and provide contact information, but that’s where data collection ends. However, when a viewer scans a QR code to check in, they are providing way more than contact information. Modern marketers know that once someone interacts with their webpage, they can gather a bevy of information including demographics, times, locations, languages, search history, shopping preferences, and retargeting information. This data can also be used to inform negotiations as well as create customized experiences for each prospect. In other words, once Flowcode brings people online, the marketing possibilities are limited only by your imagination. You’ll never use a dusty ol’ check-in book again.

Business cards are boring and often get thrown away. Adding a Flowcode that is artistically designed to fit your brand is a great way to spice things up a little. And since Flowcode’s are dynamic, real estate companies can change the link on the QR to best represent their goals with a simple redirect.  

Imagine being able to put a code on a sign that will automatically allow prospects to take a peak inside through a virtual tour. No more waiting days to show them the place. Instead, potential buyers can engage with the property immediately, lowering attrition and increasing commitment.
If you want to go one level deeper, you can add QRs within the virtual or physical tour, allowing customers to dive deeper into the features of the property.

Flowode’s powerful analytics allows you to track and monitor your marketing engagement so you know where to focus your efforts, so you can spend less time marketing, more time showing. There are many ways to streamline your marketing efforts in order to close more deals. Once you move people online, you have access to a bevy of marketing automation tools that were previously unavailable, saving you time, and making you money. 

Learn more about real estate tips on our blog.

Key features you get with Flowcode

Make a code with Flowcode and join thousands of realtors like you.

  • Custom QR code

     Design your code

    From colors to logos, create a code built for your brand.

  • Unlimited scan qr code

    Unlimited scans

    Your Flowcode QR codes have no scan limits and never expire.

  • QR code analytics

    Advanced analytics

    Enhanced analytics to let you see scans by date, day of week, time, and device. 

FAQs for QR codes for real estate

QR stands for “Quick Response.” Think of it as a barcode that holds a small amount of information, such as links, telephone numbers, or a max of 4000 characters of text. QR codes are often used to direct people to an online destination using native or third-party apps on their phones, quickly (hence the name). 

Real estate agents use QR codes to collect contact information, drive potential buyers to listings websites, book open houses, and so much more. QR codes allow for rapid connection, which is why thousands of real estate agents rely on them for business.

The benefits of QR codes are only limited by the imagination of their creators. In most cases, people and brands use QR codes to bring people from an offline platform to an online one. Options include moving your audience to a promotion or coupon, directing them to educational videos, directing them to a menu, loading a document, or any other online experience, like surveys, games, and more. 

Adding QR codes to your listing instantly connects buyers to all your sales materials so they can quickly make decisions on all your available properties. Share virtual tours, details on the community, listings for other available properties, and collect contact information from potential buyers.

Realtors use QR codes to instantly collect contact information, show listing information online, for contactless check-in, and more!

“Quick response” stands for the “QR” in “QR Code”. QR codes for real estate are used for a variety of reasons like collecting contact information, showing listing information, contactless check-in, and more.

Creating a QR code for real estate is easy with QR code generators like Flowcode. In less than 60 seconds you can create a QR code for your business needs. Click here to make one now!

QR codes are commonly used to bring people offline to online by audiences scanning them on their smartphones. This means that if you can link to it, there is a business application. Places that businesses can link to include:

  • Websites
  • Contact forms
  • Documents like PDFs
  • Multimedia such as an audio or video recording, a whitepaper, or a blog.
  • WiFi access portal
  • Payment portals like Venmo, PayPal, Square, etc. 

Also keep in mind that once you direct someone to an online portal, you can install cookies and other code in the page that allows marketers to gather a plethora of marketing information such as demographics, search history, location, purchasing preferences, and the data necessary to retarget audiences on online advertising platforms like Meta and Google.

Using QR for real estate is an excellent way to instantly connect potential buyers to any information that they need so that they can make informed decisions about the property. Here, real estate agents can showcase virtual tours, photos, videos, community information, similar properties, contracts, and gather contact information. Agents can also gather the date, time, and location that prospects interacted with their property and retarget them through other online advertising platforms. QR codes are also easier than typing in a website or calling a number, reducing barriers to action and decreasing attrition. 

There are tons of free QR codes out there. However, if you’ve ever used a free QR service, you know that to get any real capabilities, you have to pay, since most have a limited number of scans, and cannot be updated once made.

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