QR Codes for Web3

Connect your Web3 project to the real world

Instantly transport scanners from the physical world to your digital universe with Flowcode QR codes.

How leaders in Web3 use QR codes

Need ideas for how you can use QR codes to enhance designs and engage with audiences?

  • Sell crypto with QR codes

    Transact with crypto through QR

    Now you can easily buy and pay with crypto anywhere, with a Web3 enabled Flowcode.

  • QR codes for NFTs

    Access to any Metaverse

    Want to deep-link scanners to your WebVR experience? Or your AR NFT gallery? Flowcode provides an easy front door to your scanners and an instant access point.

  • QR codes for NFTs

    Share your NFT gallery

    Use Flowcode's customization tools to turn your NFT into a scannable code. Link to your NFTs for sale, embed your library, and promote upcoming releases.

  • Token experience with QR code

    Unlock experiences

    Give your audience a reason to add your brands' NFT to their collection. With Flowcode, your NFT can unlock unique experiences!

  • Distribute NFTs

    Distribute your NFT collection

    Flowcode makes it easier than ever for you to share your collection. In an instant, scanners can claim or buy your NFTs from a Flowcode.

  • QR codes on clothing

    Functional fashion

    Add your custom NFT QR design to your merch for a wearable web3 experience.

Ready for frictionless NFT minting experiences?

Beautiful QR codes with your NFT design in mind.

Unlock new customer insights

Flowcode QR codes give you robust data and insights into which creative works best, when, where, and for who. Easily A/B test creative, learn what gets customers to engage, and where they spend their time.

Leverage AR experiences

Invisible Friends created an AR experience in NYC powered by Flowcode. Watch the video to see how they made their NFT a real world experience using the power of Flowcode.

QR created with Web3 in mind

Use Flowcode to design beautiful QR codes that enhance your designs, not distract from them. Our in-house designers even make pro members a custom QR to match any brand, page, or creative.

Tips for supercharging your Web3 campaigns with QR

Web3 is revolutionizing society by blurring the boundaries between the “real” and online worlds. And as these boundaries begin to fall, it’s important that only the safest, most efficient paths through the vanguard emerge. Enter Flowcode. 

Whether that’s knowing how to link a QR to an NFT, or needing a way into Metaverse, a QR generator like Flowcode provides portals through Web3 that are aesthetically sleeker, more secure, and contain more analytics than your traditional, boring black-and-white QR. With Flowcode, the bridge to the future has never been more powerful. 

There are tons of ways that QRs can be creatively used within Web3. That’s because QR is simply a portal to a destination. So whether that’s a NFT QR code to display your gallery, or a way to accept cryptocurrency as payment, Flowcode is the best choice for Web3 QR.

QR codes are a ubiquitous, effortless way to buy, trade, and make purchases with cryptocurrency. With Flowcode, you can brand your QR with whatever design you want, whether that’s the logo’s of the currency or the brand. Flowcode’s custom designs make them more attractive, informative, and influential – separating them from the pack. Additionally, Flowcode’s codes are GDPR and CCPA secure, making transactions safer.

Virtual and augmented realities are becoming more widely adopted by the general population. Therefore, AR and VR developers need a recognizable way for people to access the Metaverse. Enter Flowcode’s Metaverse QR. Whether you want an artistically stunning NFT QR code for your gallery, or you’re a WebVR company that wants effortless portals to your worlds, Flowcodes are the industry standard relied on by many of the Metaverse’s top players.

Flowcode makes it easier than ever for you to share your collection. In an instant, scanners can claim or buy your NFTs from a Flowcode that is artistically designed to look as captivating as your creations.

As an NFT artist who takes pride in their creations, the last thing you want are those bulky, pixelated QRs to be the first thing that people see - it’s not the best initial impression. Instead, wouldn’t it be valuable to have an NFT QR code that represented the character of your creations? Flowcode’s custom-designed codes allow creators to make visually stunning NFT QR codes that match the aesthetic of their own art, making them more attractive to viewers and potential buyers. 

One of the most exciting parts of the metaverse are the novel experiences it unlocks. The metaverse untethers the gates between the physical and digital worlds, allowing for possibilities limited only by our imagination. Now brands, creatives, and everyday people can experience things that used to be the domain of science fiction. 

However, in order to access something new, people want something familiar to guide them there – and what better way than QR? Flowcode’s metaverse QR codes provide people with a simple, secure, sleek gateway to these futuristic encounters. 

Web3 also allows people to augment themselves in ways that were never before possible. One example is fashion. In the past, fashion was seldom interacted with outside of its wearer. Now with AR, brands can turn their clothing into something that the world can connect with in inspiring ways. 

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See how musicians use Flowcode for NFTs

Flowcode partnered with Kevin Gates to prove you don't need a crypto wallet to claim an NFT when he dropped his POAP at his Red Rocks debut.

Flowcode is POAP's dream partner to bring the magic of Web3 to the world. We are proud to co-develop a seamless O2O experience that connects audiences with brand narratives in new and unforeseen ways.

Patricio Worthalter, CEO of POAP Inc.

QR codes for Web3 FAQs

QR codes for in Web3 allow for instant connection from the offline to online world. As we embark further into this new digital epoch, more of our lives will exist digitally. However, the real world isn't going anywhere — but connection to the digital world is present more than it ever has been. QR codes bring scanners from an experience in the real world to an experience in the digital universe.

With most platforms you can make a QR code for free. However, Flowcode allows you to create dynamic QR codes for Web3. This means that the destination of your code can be edited without creating a new code.

Many NFTs are accessed through scanning a QR codes in the real world. While they don't all have QR codes associated with them, it's common to scan a QR code in the physical world in order to access a NFT in the digital world.

The benefits of using QR codes are pretty innumerable since they are simply a way to bring people to an online destination. True to the name “quick response,” QRs are designed for audiences to quickly access these destinations. This means audiences no longer have to spend time typing in links and double-checking their spelling. Instead, they simply have to open their camera, point, and click. This simplicity opens a ton of possibilities, especially for offline marketing - reinvigorating an marketing method that’s been stagnant for years. 

Here’s an example: let’s say you are a physical comic book author and want to bring people into the metaverse where they can experience the story in an exciting new way. With QR, a deeper portal into your creations has never been more effortless. 

Once again, the possibilities are endless. If you have a destination you want to send people to, Flowcode’s QR is the quickest way to get there.

Not always. Sure, there are tons of “free QR generators,” but they are limited. Most free QR generators only allow a limited number of scans on their free QR codes. Additionally, the links are usually static, meaning they can never change. 

However, when Flowcode says that its QR codes are free, we mean it. Upon signing up for our free plan, you get free access to QR codes that don’t cost a thing and won’t expire. Additionally, the links are dynamic and can be changed whenever. This means if your goals change, so can the destination of the QR. 

Our free QR codes also allow you to use colorful designs, making them attractive, resulting in higher conversion rates than traditional, boring QRs.

Most modern smartphones have QR code scanners built into their cameras where the user only has to open their camera and hover over the code. Older phones sometimes require a third-party app, but the functionality is essentially the same.

Once activated, the camera notices a QR code by the 2D dot matrix that it’s made up of. This matrix stores a small amount of information - usually links - and the QR scanner loads that data for the viewer.

Flowcode provides free and paid versions of QR codes for NFTs. The difference between our QRs and other providers is that ours look captivating, and not like boring, black and white squashed pixels. NFTs are meant to be aesthetic,  so it only makes sense that the QR that directs to them should be as well.

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